Amazing Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin and Hair

Sep 15 2019 08:28 PM
Amazing Benefits of Hibiscus for Skin and Hair

Hibiscus flower is extremely beneficial for hair health. You may have seen its flowers which are used in many ways. It also enhances the healthy growth of hair and helps to strengthen them. Many people complain of hair loss and fall for which they use chemical-based products. You can use hibiscus flowers instead of using chemical products. Hair loss, two-faced hair, itching in scalps, thin hair, etc. are the most common problems associated with hair. Using hibiscus flowers to get long and strong hair is very beneficial. It contains amino acids, vitamin A, C, alpha hydroxyl, etc., which give adequate nutrition to the hair.

hibiscus powder
Adding hibiscus powder to water or tea and applying it on your hair gives you many benefits. Keep it on your hair for half an hour. Apply coconut oil, coconut milk and curd paste on the hair. After half an hour, wash the hair lightly with warm water.

Use of hibiscus as a conditioner
You can easily prepare hair conditioners at home with hibiscus. All you need for this is hibiscus flowers and water. Boil some water and add hibiscus flowers to it. Boil it for a while. Turn off the flame when the color of the water starts changing. Now let this water cool and use it as a conditioner for your hair. It makes the hair softer.

hibiscus oil
Heat some coconut oil in a pan and add the petals of hibiscus to it. Allow it to warm for a while. When the oil starts to change in color, turn off the flame and take off the pan. Add some hibiscus leaves to this oil again and use it daily.

A Clipper
Grind the hibiscus leaves properly to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it aside for a while. After a short time, wash the hair with plain water.

Just do this work twice a month to get smooth and shiny hair

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