Beauty hacks to nail South Indian bridal look for wedding

Nov 21 2020 12:46 PM
Beauty hacks to nail South Indian bridal look for wedding

South Indian weddings are known for their rustic decor, larger than life floral arrangement, and traditional aesthetics. The modern way of a South Indian bride, what we think of is a royal and pure silk Kanjivaram saree, traditional gold temple jewelry, heavily embroidered blouse, and hair covered with fresh flowers and gold hair accessories. South Indian bridal look has a gorgeous traditional sarees, subtle makeup with bold lips, heavy gold jewelry with temple motif is absolutely heavenly and divine. The sarees also have vibrant colors with elegant designs like a peacock, temple, leaves, etc.

If you opt for the perfect South Indian bridal look, then do look for the main requirements we tried mentioning. Tips to get the perfect South Indian bridal look:

1. Jewellery

The jewelry of South Indian people is usually heavy and represents the temple motif. So, make sure you get the right pieces to adorn yourself.

2. Traditional sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are the main outfits but there are a plethora of other sarees that you can opt for your D-Day. 

3. South Indian bridal makeup

The look of a south Indian bride is incomplete without gorgeous eye makeup and bold lips.

4. South Indian bridal hairstyle

Long braid covered with flower garland is a speciality of South Indian brides. It goes perfect with the entire attire. 

5. Blouse design

They look stunning when they pair up an elegant silk saree with a heavy design blouse to slay the South Indian bridal look.

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