These tips can make the eyes even more attractive

Aug 10 2019 11:56 AM
These tips can make the eyes even more attractive

Kajal in the eyes changes your look completely. There are also ways to apply mascara that you can adopt. But there is always a fear of its spread, which can spoil your look. Today, we've come up with a few tips on the use of mascara that can help you make yourself look beautiful and attractive. 

* Sweating and oils present near the eyes are the reason behind the spread of mascara. Just as you clean your face before you do makeup, wipe your eyes thoroughly with tissue paper before applying mascara. Place an ice piece in a cloth for a few seconds on the eye leads. Apply it lightly on the under-eye area. It will not spread.

* Try to apply mascara from the inside while starting from the outer edge of the eye. Also, always keep in mind that you must have some space in the mascara until the end of the inner corners. As well as drag a thin line of mascara onto the Inner Corners.

* If your eyes are large, use black mascara on them, which will make your eyes look beautiful. On the other hand, if you apply nude mascara or liner in the big eye, your eyes will look small. The shade of nude mascara remains perfect for small eyes. Apply mascara and liner according to the texture of the eyes. While kajal is on the big eye, the eyeliner is examined on the small eye.

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