“Beauty with Brain” Female YouTuber Pratishtha Sharma’s Incredible Success Story

Jan 19 2021 09:53 AM
“Beauty with Brain” Female YouTuber Pratishtha Sharma’s Incredible Success Story

They say, “Real Beauty with Intelligent Brain is truly a Gem like pearls found in the vast ocean.”  Absolutely, today we are going to introduce you with a multi-talented actress, singer, and a famous YouTuber Pratishtha Sharma.  To our wonders Pratishtha has learned medical, Journalism as well as have equal interest in doing theatre, a true multi-talented personality! How can a medical student suddenly quit and choose becoming an influencer, YouTuber as her career? Shocking right? But Pratishtha proved that when passion captures your mind and brain, you cannot do anything rather achieve your goal. Yep, it’s her true story, a story of passion, dedication, devotion to achieve what she really wants. Read ahead…

Pratishtha Sharma, born and brought up in a well-educated family was a filmy keeda since her childhood. She was completely fascinated towards the mohmaya of the film industry. She got influenced with acting and singing. In year 2014, Pratishtha used to do full time theatre and thus realized her passion towards acting. She used to work late night for the theatres classes. Her hard work and determination was never ignored by her parents. She got complete support of her parents in whatever work she want to do. Pratishtha says, “My parents never forced me to choose a career instead they were supportive since day one.”Pratishtha Sharma was one of the excellent students in her academics. In 11th class she opts for medical subjects not just because she wanted to become doctor or Engineer but because she liked the subjects very much. 

But the interest in Medical Subject unfortunately didn’t last for a long time. Pratishtha choose English Hons as her graduation subject. Intense change right? But her parents showed support in her every decision. Wait… just one day before her finals, Pratishtha went running at home and told her dad that she doesn’t want to continue English Hons… OMG! Well, without any anger or frustration, her father replied, “Okay! If you feel lack or any negative energy there, don’t continue. Do wherever you feel the most positive.” Great! Soon Pratishtha discovered that her passion is to entertain people, make them laugh, spread smile on the faces. Since childhood she was more into cracking jokes and making everyone laugh.  

Pratishtha completed her Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) from one of the renowned colleges in Delhi, Jagannath International Management School (JIMS).Famous YouTuber Harsh Beniwal supported Pratishtha during her struggle period. She worked with Harsh in her initial days. She was the center of attraction in Hasley India. Now that she has enough experience in performing in YouTube videos, Pratishtha has launched her own YouTube channel. She posts amazing comic videos and acts in it. The videos are appreciated with hundreds of people all over. Her channel is blessed with 60K+ subscribers up till now. Pratishtha still works with Harsh Beniwal and loves working with him. Pratishtha proudly says, “In the end the only thing matters is the love for what you are doing. The important thing which generates the most adrenaline in your body is the only thing you should do in your life.”

She has started her career as a YouTuber not to make money but followed her passion of making people entertain and spread happiness all over. But now she is independent women and is very proud of whatever she has achieved in life. In coming future she wants to become the famous singer like Sona Mohpatra. Also she wants to work with “Yashraj” banner for which she is struggling & working hard.Today Pratishtha can proudly say, “I am in love with my Life!”

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