'Become a Muslim after reading Kalma..', the pressure of conversion on Pakistan's Hindu MP,
'Become a Muslim after reading Kalma..', the pressure of conversion on Pakistan's Hindu MP,

Islamabad: The reality of the condition of minorities in Pakistan, which became an Islamic nation after separating from India in 1947, is not hidden from anyone. Incidents like kidnapping, forced conversion, and forced marriage of minority girls have become common in the neighbouring country, and in most of these cases, the police are also seen standing with the accused. How minorities in Pakistan are pressured to become Muslims—a hallmark of this—has come to the fore from the neighbouring country. In fact, Pakistan's Hindu MP, Danish Kumar, has said in Parliament that fellow MPs pressure him to convert to Islam and become a Muslim. Danish also said, 'Those who ask me to become a Muslim, first convert the profiteers into Muslims, then preach to me.'


According to the report, Danish Kumar said this in the Pakistani Parliament on Thursday (April 6). Actually, Danish Kumar was speaking in the Upper House of Parliament regarding the huge food crisis and inflation in Pakistan. During this time, he has said that inflation is increasing in Pakistan. Bananas were Rs 150 a dozen before Ramzan. Now it has become 400-450 rupees. Similarly, the prices of other things have also increased. Danish Kumar said, 'I am a non-Muslim, but I am ashamed that there are people here who are sucking the blood of their Muslim brothers.' 

Danish Kumar said, 'Sir, I tell you, I have friends here who tell me to read Danish Kumar Kalma and become a Muslim. First, you convert those devils, who are profiteers, into Muslims. Then preach to Danish Kumar. I want these people to promise that they will not preach to me until they make them Muslims.' Danish Kumar, who is a member of the Senate, the upper house of the Pakistani Parliament, He has been raising the issues of minorities from Parliament to the streets. In 2018, the Balochistan Awami Party fielded him from the seat reserved for minorities. From where he reached Parliament after winning. Prior to this, Danish had also been a member of the Provincial Assembly (MLA) of Balochistan.

Let us tell you that the human rights experts of the United Nations have also expressed concern about the condition of minorities in Pakistan. In January of this year, United Nations (UN) experts said that kidnapping, forced marriage, and forced conversion of minor girls are on the rise in Pakistan. Necessary steps should be taken to stop this. A team of UN human rights experts said, 'We are deeply saddened to hear that girls as young as 13 are being kidnapped from their homes. After this, these girls are being trafficked and sent to places far from their homes. Not only this, but girls are being forced to marry men twice their age and convert to Islam. All this is a violation of international human rights law.

UN experts also said, 'We are deeply concerned that these types of marriages and conversions are being carried out by threatening these girls and women or their families with violence.' These experts also expressed dismay over forced conversions in Pakistan and the lack of justice for minority victim families.

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