So far, many people have lost their lives due to Corona in America!

Washington: Today, whether the general public or a big businessman, all are falling prey to the coronavirus, people cannot go out, after which it cannot be said how much the coronavirus is going to grow. Not only this, but Kovid has also made the whole world on the verge of losses. And now there is the same question on everyone's mind, for how long will we suffer the havoc of virus.

Corona continues wreaking havoc, death toll 2.5 crore mark worldwide

In the case of Corona, America is first and Brazil is second: According to the data, the number of Covid infected in the US has increased to 6,139,466. In which 186,857 people have died, while 3,408,908 people have been cured so far. At the same time, 41 thousand 350 new cases were reported in Brazil in 24 hours and 758 people have been killed. Here the figure of total infected has reached 3,846,965. Of these 120,498 people have lost their life. While 3,006,812 people have recovered so far.

Nepal reports over 2000 death within 2 weeks

In India, the figure of infected crosses 35 lakhs: The number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed 35 lakhs. On Sunday, there has been a big jump in the cases of Covid infection once again. On Sunday, 78,761 new cases were reported in a single day, this is the highest number of infected cases in a day so far. But, the good thing is that the number of people recovering from the infection has exceeded 27 lakhs and the investigation has increased. According to the data, cases of infection have increased to 35,46,705 in the country, out of which 63,690 people have lost their lives and 2,714,995 people have been cured.

The decision to open school and college once again got postponed amid Corona epidemic

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