Befriended girlfriend's husband as a girl on FB, called to meet and then..."

Dhanbad: Nowadays increasing cases of crime have blown everyone's senses. In such a situation, the case that has come up recently is of Dhanbad in Jharkhand. In this case, Pan Masala businessman Mukesh Pandit was shot dead on 26 March. At the same time, in this case, the police has made a shocking and most important disclosure so far. In fact, recently, the Dhanbad police have arrested Mukesh's wife Neelam Devi and her lover Ujjwal Sharma while disclosing this murder case.

Yes and the police have disclosed that Mukesh's mobile and pistol have been recovered on the behest of Ujjwal. At the same time, both the accused have also accepted the crime in the strict interrogation of the police. In this case, SSP Sanjeev Kumar says that Ujjwal Sharma's house was near Mukesh Pandit's house. While Ujjwal Sharma used to work in Mukesh's shop. Due to this, Ujjwal Sharma started visiting Mukesh's house. However, during this time Ujjwal's love affair with Mukesh's wife started and both of them together wanted to get Mukesh out of the way to get success in their love relationship. In view of this, both of them made a plan and Mukesh's wife and Ujjwal together killed him.

In this case, it is being told that Ujjwal Sharma created a Facebook account in the name of the girl to carry out the murder. After that he befriended Mukesh through Facebook Messenger and after the friendship grew, Ujjwal started talking to Mukesh through Messenger. During a conversation with Messenger on the night of March 25, Ujjwal called Damodarpur Football Ground to meet Mukesh and shot and killed Mukesh.

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