Beijing issues a warning to other countries not to emulate US behavior on Taiwan

China: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged other countries not to copy America's "political performance" in Taiwan.

Her most recent comments come as US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended her visit to the self-governing island last week as an "excuse" for more aggressive action after holding extensive days on Beijing. accused of using military exercises near taiwan

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, Wang shared his message with his counterparts in Nepal, South Korea and Mongolia during three separate meetings held in recent days.

He claimed that politicians in some nations were acting in their own "political self-interest" and engaging in "political demonstrations" by adopting Washington's policy towards Taiwan.

The political foundation for engaging with China will be seriously undermined as a result," Wang reportedly said at the meetings, according to the statement.

Pro-independence forces in Taiwan were also urged by the Chinese foreign minister to "not misunderstand the situation and underestimate their potential". According to him, Pelosi's visit was a political provocation and Beijing had to act to protect its sovereignty.

Pelosi, however, insisted on Wednesday that the region's long-standing status quo was disturbed by Beijing's unprecedented military drills after his visit.

In his first lengthy public remarks after the visit, he said, "What we saw with China was that they were trying to establish a new normal, and we cannot let that happen." "Our travel acted as an excuse for what they usually do, only more intensely."
We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan, he continued.

Wang made his remarks without mentioning any specific country, but they came last week in response to a joint request by the foreign ministers of the US, Australia and Japan urging Beijing to immediately halt military exercises near Taiwan. He claimed Beijing's actions "seriously affect international peace and stability" in a joint statement.

According to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the exercises are a "serious problem that affects our national security and the safety of our citizens," after his country reported last Thursday that five Chinese ballistic missiles were in its exclusive economic zone. Had landed.

There was no justification for Pelosi's visit to be used as cover for "aggressive military activity in the Taiwan Straits", according to senior Group of Seven diplomats, who also condemned China's military exercises. He said international travel by G7 lawmakers was normal and unremarkable, prompting Beijing to call on diplomats in disapproval.

After a civil war on the mainland, China and Taiwan split in 1949 when the Kuomintang was defeated by Communist Party forces and fled to Taipei. Beijing considers Taiwan as part of its territory and has never ruled out the option of using force to annex it. Despite the fact that the US and most other nations do not recognize Taiwan as an independent state, Washington opposes any attempt to forcibly annex the island.

In addition to canceling exercises in response to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China has also stopped cooperation with the US military in the areas of combating climate change and the drug trade.

Wang defended the action, arguing that Beijing had to protect its territorial integrity and that its actions were aimed at maintaining the "peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait".

He was quoted as saying, "China must make necessary and resolute countermeasures."

Additionally, Wang claimed that the presence of US forces in the area would increase tensions. In the coming weeks, the US has announced that it will transit through the Taiwan Strait.

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