UN says, ' Lebanon did not demand investigation of Beirut Blast'
UN says, ' Lebanon did not demand investigation of Beirut Blast'

Washington: A warning has been issued about 10 times in the last 6 years, keeping in mind the explosive chemical at Beirut Port. Lebanese customs, military, security agencies, and judiciary had issued an alert for explosives placed at the port many times. Where this information was received through some documents.

The United Nations has said that the Lebanese government has not made any appeal to investigate the horrific blasts in Beirut. United Nations Deputy Spokesperson Furana Haq has said that we are ready to assist the Lebanese government. Haq said that French President Emmanuel Macrona has, however, appealed for the international action of the blast.

This clarification of the United Nations has come at a time when there is talk of investigation of the independent agency in the international world. Several countries requested a probe into the blast. After which he released the objective of conducting necessary investigations on the military and security agencies. He also told that with this, his responsibility was ended because for which he did not have authority over the port. After the explosion, this document became viral on social media with allegations of corruption, negligence on the government of the country.

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