Video: 3 year old girl went to the beer bar asking for milk, Know what happened later

Sep 05 2019 03:08 PM
Video: 3 year old girl went to the beer bar asking for milk, Know what happened later

When children feel hungry, they start asking for food. This is how many times when children are hungry, they start crying. But not Maila Anderson. The three-year-old girl came to Dubrovnik, Croatia to vacation with the family. When she felt hungry, she spoke to her parents. During this time she reached a beer bar.

Actually, her parents, Ben and Sophie had forgotten the milk bag. After which the child reached the beer bar. Surprisingly, her family was having fun in the pool at that time. She reached a nearby beer bar and asked for milk. When she reached the beer bar asking for milk, people were surprised to see the girl's confidence. Everyone felt that the bartender would refuse the girl child. But the good thing is that the bartender served a glass full of milk to the girl. A video of this has surfaced, which is being liked a lot. The video was recorded by the child's father Ben Anderson. Watch the video here.

In this video, t can be seen that the girl is sitting at the bar table and is waiting for the glass of milk to come. Her mother said- My daughter is really something else. We told her that we do not have a milk bag. To get something to eat you have to go out of the pool to the Nickler Bar and ask the staff for something. The staff gave her a glass of milk at the beer bar.

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