Bengaluru’s first woman cab driver found dead

Jun 29 2016 12:29 PM
Bengaluru’s first woman cab driver found dead

Bengaluru’s first women cab driver V Bharathi found dead, and suspected that she has committed suicide at her rented house in in Nagashettihalli, Sanjaynagar, on Monday evening.

Neighbours, who got suspicious as her house door was left ajar, called for her, but she didn’t respond. When they peeped in, they found her hanging with a dupatta from a hook in the wall.

Shankar Singh, the landlord, called the jurisdictional Sanjaynagar police. Bharathi was a native of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, and had moved to Nagashettihalli around 10 months ago.

No suicide note had been found, but suspect Bharathi was “very depressed” in life. She bought a car on a bank loan and started driving it for cab aggregator Uber.

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