Best Countries to visit during summer

Apr 14 2019 07:38 PM
Best Countries to visit during summer

Summer is the time that we all are looking forward to! Children finally have summer holidays, many adults take a vacation at this particular time. And for the most part, everyone dreams to finally go to the sea! Therefore, today we will talk with you in which countries it is good to rest in the summer.

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Holidays in Bulgaria is popular among our tourists. Firstly, it is considered one of the most inexpensive, and secondly, to date, hotels and resorts in this country have reached a really good level. In summer, the weather in Bulgaria is sunny and warm, especially on the Black Sea coast and in the southern part of the country. At this time there are no big waves and the sea is pleasant and warm. Although in June it can still be quite cool - but this is the most pleasant time for excursions. The best time to relax in Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and other resorts in the country begins from mid-July and lasts until almost the end of August.


The best time to stay in this country is June. Prices have not yet risen, and the sea is already warm and the weather is warm and comfortable. In July, it becomes really hot here and even the sea is not refreshing, and the prices increase significantly. The peak season is in August. At this time, the heat gradually begins to subside and becomes more comfortable, but prices are still quite high.


Georgia is famous for its mild climate, clean air, abundance of thermal springs, curative mud deposits, the Caucasus Mountains, and the beaches of the Black Sea coast. Summer is better to spend at sea, as in the central part of the country can be very hot.


The country of the pyramids and the unforgettable red sea!

But in summer in Egypt there is a sultry heat and if it is transported to the coast quite comfortably, it is strongly not recommended to go to the center of the country, Cairo or the desert! The air temperature here is adjusted to +40 ° C. At this time of year, traveling to Luxor or Aswan is becoming a test of endurance! This is the worst time for sightseeing!


The country of flamenco, bullfighting and beautiful beaches. Summer is a great time to relax on the islands or on the coast near Barcelona. The swimming season here begins in June, and July and August are the peak of the season. And although at this time the temperature is quite hot, crowds of tourists from all over the world come here. In July, there are many holidays and festivals.

In August it is better not to go to Spain. It is considered the hottest month, and at this time it rains more often. At the same time during this period, the holiday season begins in the country, and all the locals go on holiday. Therefore, on the beaches to become an apple nowhere to fall!


Italy is not only the aroma of freshly baked pizza and beaches, but also centuries-old culture and ancient architectural monuments. This is where the whole European civilization originated! Today, Venice, Rome, Florence, Liguria and other regions of this beautiful country attract tourists from all over the world. Summer is the best time to relax on the sea, but on a guided tour it will still be hot! June is the perfect month for a beach holiday. Water and air have already warmed enough, and the crowds of tourists have not yet reached here. In July, there is heat and heat, while the prices are quite high. But in Milan begins the season of discounts.


A country of contrasts, volcanoes and thousands of islands! The climate here is hot and tropical. And with the arrival of the summer months, here comes the real summer. It becomes sunny, dry and not as hot as in the winter period. This is the best time to visit volcanoes, at dawn the views will not be hazy, and this is also the best time to see the famous blue lights on Ijen volcano. In the summer rains are very rare, and the peak of the season among tourists is July and August, the vacation time in Australia. . At this time, the highest prices for vouchers! And hotels in Bali are recommended to book in advance!

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