Best Homage to Maradona

Nov 26 2020 08:09 PM
Best Homage to Maradona

As a best homage to the football legend Diego Maradona, Marseille coach Andre Villas-Boas has urged FIFA to retire the iconic number 10 shirt from the game. The football legend aged 60 on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack, left the world giving his fans a heap of sadness. Maradona regarded as one of the greatest players of all time shocked the football world by breathing his last.

Fans called Maradona 'El Dios' - which means 'The God', but is also a play on words on his number 10 shirt, 'El Diez.' Maradona is regarded as a legend in Napoli for his glorious Serie A wins. As a mark respect for the player who guided them to several trophies, the Italian club has not used the No. 10 jerseys since 2000. Villas-Boas said global soccer body FIFA should also pay tribute by withdrawing the number. 

"Maradona, yes it is tough news, I would like FIFA to retire the number 10 shirt in all competitions, for all teams," Villas-Boas told reporters after Marseille's 2-0 Champions League defeat by Porto. "It would be the best homage we could do for him. He is an incredible loss for the world of football."  Despite the chaos in his personal, the God-gifted skills with football of Maradona made him being regarded as arguably the greatest of all-time. 

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