Best Waterfalls to Explore this Monsoon in India

Jul 25 2019 06:48 PM
Best Waterfalls to Explore this Monsoon in India

Looking for a special place to visit in the rain, tell you which place will be the best at this time. Waterfall can be the perfect option for this.  So today we've come across some of the waterfalls in the country that create excitement and make your heart happy.

Jog Waterfalls, Karnataka
Jog Pratap is located on the Sharavati river on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Its waterfalls from a height of 250 m and offers a beautiful view. Another name is Jersappa. The waterfall has a height of 830 feet, the second-highest waterfall in India. The fall has been declared one of the world's best environmental sites by UNESCO.

Nohakalikai Waterfalls
The Nohakalikai Waterfall near Cherrapunji is one of the highest waterfalls in India. The local girl, who jumped from a steep rock near this water majesty, was named after Likai.

Milk Sea, Goa
The Milksagar is the only waterfall in India, which is located on the border of two states. The River Mandovi passes through the Goa-Karnataka border, on which the Milksagar Falls is located. Its distance from Panaji is about 60 km. Tourists throng the place during the monsoon season. The Milk Sagar waterfall is also known as 'Milk of Sea'.

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