Woman went to Brother -in -law's bed at midnight, husband killed her
Woman went to Brother -in -law's bed at midnight, husband killed her

Nowadays the cases of increasing crime are increasing continuously. In such a case, the matter which has come up recently is from Kanpur. In this case, the wife went to bed with her lover as soon as the husband slept, but then suddenly the husband woke up and lost his temper. He then stabbed the lover to death with a sharp-edged weapon, then killed the wife as well.

This case is being reported from Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. In the case, this dreadful incident took place in Narora village of Narwal police station area in Kanpur district and the youth living in Narora village suspected that "there is an illicit relationship between his aunt's boy and his wife but he was not getting proof". '

At the same time, due to this, the young man had to quarrel with his wife every day. One day, his aunt's son came to the young man's house. After that night, all the people had laughed and slept with food, but the young man was not able to sleep because he suspected his wife. When it was too late at night, the young man started pretending to sleep. At the same time, looking for the opportunity, the young man's wife went to her brother-in-law's bed.. After that, the young man attacked his cousin with a sharp weapon kept in the house and killed him. After that, the young man also killed his wife. In this case, the police has taken the young man into custody.

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