Because of this reason, Ghosts run away by the name of Hanuman Ji and Bhairav!

Aug 13 2019 07:40 PM
Because of this reason, Ghosts run away by the name of Hanuman Ji and Bhairav!

You all know that Bhairav Ji has got a special deity place in the system and many Tantriks are able to drive away from the ghosts from their power of perfection by gaining the power of Bhairav Ji. Bhairav Shakti is most useful in ghost lore. At the same time, Bhairav Ji's black form is considered to be a means of expelling of ghosts and it is said that many Tantriks, along with Hanuman, try to attain perfection and run away from them.

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You know that Hanuman Ji's place as Balaji is very popular with Mehndipur Balaji and Hanuman is sitting there as Balaji. It is said that every person who possesses ghosts is punished by the ghost Balaji as soon as he comes to this place and in no time the ghosts get away from the patient's body forever. But do you know why ghosts Hanuman and Bhairav are afraid of Baba..? If not, let us tell you today why this happens...

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After all, who is Kaal Bhairav Bhagwan -  according to the old religious belief, he was born through Kaal Bhairav Lord, Lord Shiva. It is said that once Lord Shiva was very angry and his anger was born Kaal Bhairav. According to another legend related to Kaal Bhairav, when Brahma Ji did not support one of his decisions, Kaal Bhairav cut his head with his nail by which he was discouraged.

Lord Bhairav Ji is worshipped by many people and is known as the god of the night. They are afraid of ghosts and that is why yesterday Bhairav is worshipped by the Tantriks. On the other hand, when it comes to Hanuman, they also drive away from the ghosts and the ghosts run away as soon as their name is chanted.

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