MP: Couple donated premature baby's body to MBBS students

Bhopal: You may have heard many cases of organ donation after death, but you will lose consciousness after knowing about the case we are going to tell you today. In fact, a Vidisha couple in Bhopal has donated the body of their 6-month-old premature baby. Yes, and this is the first case of the State. For the first time, the body of a 6-month-old premature baby has been donated. Let me tell you that the couple donated the body of a 6-month-old newborn to JK Hospital so that MBBS students could study from this body. Let me tell you that this is perhaps the first case of such a young dead body donation in Bhopal. In fact, two years ago, a family donated the body of their newborn to the hospital after death.

What is the matter- Yes, Surendra Singh Ahirwal, a resident of Vidisha, lives in Ishwar Nagar in Bhopal and works in a private job. His wife was 6 months pregnant but the test revealed that the lungs and intestines of the unborn baby could not develop. After seeing this, the doctors advised the delivery of the premature baby, as the baby would have a variety of problems even after birth. The woman was delivered with the consent of the couple after learning this. The couple donated the body of a 750-gram newborn to JK Medical College after delivery.

This is the first case of body donation of such a short-time baby in Madhya Pradesh, doctors say. As part of the information received, the father of the newborn has taken this step for students studying MBBS. They donated their baby's body so that the body of the newborn could be directly used in the studies of MBBS students.

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