Buxwaha Diamond Mining: 2 Lakh Trees Won't Get Shred Off
Buxwaha Diamond Mining: 2 Lakh Trees Won't Get Shred Off

Buxwaha: According to reports from Buxwaha in Madhya Pradesh, millions of trees will no longer be cut down here. In fact, trees were to be cut here for diamond creeks, but now it has been banned by the NGT. Under the information received, the NGT has taken a tough stand on the matter and directed the Chief Forest Guard of Madhya Pradesh to see that "not a single tree should be cut for diamond creeks". He also said, "Not a single tree can be cut without the permission of the forest department. Let me tell all of you that the National Green Tribunal (NGT) says that the guidelines of Section 2 of forest conservation need to be strictly followed. An expert committee needs to be set up for this.''

On the other hand, NGT has directed the petitioner to "give all necessary papers and copies of the petition to non-applicants." In addition, the Central Government, forest department and diamond mining contract have been given 4 weeks time to file their replies in the matter. With this, the matter is likely to come up for further hearing on August 27.

Amidst the constant agitations these days, the NGT has taken strict action and the action is also being liked by the people. According to reports, there are about 3.5 crore carats of diamond reserves under the ground in the forests of Buxwaha. The price is said to be around 60,000 crore rupees. A petition was filed in Bhopal NGT against the award of contract to Khadan. In fact, about 2.15 lakh green trees were cut down in the forest for diamond harvesting, and environmental organizations were constantly agitating.

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