It is time to understand what we have done with our planet: Bhumi Pednekar
It is time to understand what we have done with our planet: Bhumi Pednekar

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar feels at the moment that natural disasters such as the dreaded cyclone Amphan are a warning to humanity what we have done to our planet. She recently said in a conversation with a website, "I have been watching videos of Kolkata and Odisha for the last two days and it is heartbreaking. It is really scary! It lasted for so many hours! Have seen the blog post with the video and it is very discouraging, houses are damaged, big trees are uprooted, it is a big loss for mankind and animals. "

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The actress said, "I think this is the right time for humans to understand what they have done to the planet. If you look at the last five years, the frequency of cyclones, cyclonic winds and thunderstorms will only increase. It is going away. Our cities are drying up, the earth is heating up at a fast pace. " Bhumi is also a 'Climate Warrior' as mentioned in her Instagram profile.

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She said, "Today, already the world is going through a big refugee crisis. In the next few years we will become refugees due to climate change. Millions of people, no matter how rich or poor, will be displaced. I really hope that humanity is awake. The planet is our home and we have to learn to live with every species on earth. Why does a human see his defeat in it? Share it with millions of other species, but we realize that the title is just ours and it is ridiculous! "

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