Mallikarjun Pujari exposes, says Bhushan Kumar raped girl for 3 years

T-Seris has accused Mallikarjun Pujari, a leader from Thane in Mumbai, of seeking recovery along with the actress. If her words are to be believed, she prevented the alleged actress from being happy and did all this to get her justice. On a news channel, the leader has taken his stand with great carelessness.

The same Mallikarjuna Pujari came forward and told a channel on the whole case that Bhushan Kumar had been harassing the woman for 3 years. The woman, who was raped several times but due to Bhushan Kumar's name and fame, was afraid to complain to the police and had thoughts of happiness. The woman came to Mallikarjuna Pujari's contact through her friend and pleaded with him for help. Mallikarjuna then asked the woman to seek police help and came with her to DN Nagar police station and lodged an FIR against Bhushan Kumar.

In the same whole incident, Mallikarjuna said that he is now contacting not only the police but also women's organizations to help the actress. Mallikarjuna was asked if Bhushan Kumar had lodged a complaint against the woman some time ago over extortion. So Mallikarjuna said that all these Bhushan Kumars are resorting to lies to save themselves. The woman is very helpless and innocent. She is very scared so now she has to resort to the police.

Bhushan Kumar rape case takes a new turn, actress hatches conspiracy at leader's behest?

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