Biden responds to the transfer of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia to Belarus
Biden responds to the transfer of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia to Belarus

USA: The journalists have been informed by US Vice President Joe Biden that he has "extremely negative" feelings regarding the presence of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Reuters noted that Biden's statement came after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared that "the deployment of nuclear munitions has already begun." 

Russia shouldn't be concerned about the security of its weapons because Belarusians will be able to do so because they are "practical and thrifty people," Lukashenko added. 

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In response to the White House's statement, the Russian embassy in Washington noted that "it is the sovereign right of Russia and Belarus to ensure their security by means we deem necessary amidst a large-scale hybrid war unleashed by Washington against us."

Moscow's actions on Saturday were "fully consistent with our international legal obligations," the embassy said on Telegram. There is no transfer of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus; rather, "the control over them and decision on their use remain with the Russian side," the statement read.   

Washington should examine itself before passing judgement on others. According to Russian diplomats, the US has maintained a sizable arsenal of nuclear weapons in Europe for many years.   

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Five European NATO nations—Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey—are currently home to American tactical nuclear weapons.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, declared that Belarus would receive tactical nuclear weapons by the end of March. He claimed that the UK's decision to give Ukraine depleted uranium ammunition during the conflict between Moscow and Kiev had been the driving force behind the action.

Belarus had been requesting that its closest ally, Russia, place nuclear weapons on its soil, citing hostile Western policies towards the nation and the threat that it believed US nuclear weapons stationed in nearby European nations posed.

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On Thursday, an agreement was reached between Moscow and Minsk that permits the stationing of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Minister of Defence, claims that Russia has given the Belarusian military Iskander-M missiles with nuclear capability and has assisted the Republic of Belarus in modifying some of its fighter jets so they can carry nuclear weapons.


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