Attorney: Graft case Kaili to resume MEP duties
Attorney: Graft case Kaili to resume MEP duties

Athens: After being released from house arrest pending trial, Greek MEP Eva Kaili intends to resume her duties in the European Parliament the following week, according to her attorney.

According to Kaili's Greek attorney Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, she will be at the European Parliament next week to perform her duties.
According to Dimitrakopoulos, she will also ask the chamber to determine whether being under surveillance, being arrested, and being imprisoned infringed on her rights as an MEP.

The 44-year-old former newsreader was released from house arrest and allowed to remove her electronic ankle tag on Thursday by the prosecution.
Kaili, who was once a rising star in the European Parliament, has lost her position as vice president and been expelled from her political party.

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She was detained in Brussels by police in December as they looked into allegations of corruption in the European Parliament. In April, she was released to house arrest. She rejects all accusations.

In connection with a Belgian investigation, additional European politicians and parliamentary assistants were detained and accused; all but one of them have since been released from house arrest.

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Authorities claim that Pier Antonio Panzeri, a cooperating former MEP from Belgium, ran a ring that distributed bribes to advance the interests of Qatar and Morocco. Both governments vehemently reject any involvement.

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The scandal started when police in Brussels raided several homes and found at least 1.5 million euros in cash stashed away in bags and suitcases.
On Friday, Dimitrakopoulos claimed Panzeri was the "mastermind" and that Kaili's prints could not be found on the cash that the police had seized.
If the case even goes to trial, "she believes she will be exonerated," he said.


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