Railways launches this old service, passengers will get huge benefits

New Delhi: A number of changes were made in India after the knock of the corona infection. Similarly, the railways had abolished all the facilities, which were later introduced. Similarly, recently, the railways had announced to restore the bedroll service. Now bedroll and linen services have also been restored for passengers of East Coast Railway. The Indian Railways had announced the resumption of services in the second week of March.


However, due to the closure of the laundry during the pandemic period, there were challenges in supplying bedrolls and linen to passengers on trains. Additionally, buying new linen with a brand name and logo was also a problem for the railways. According to the report, the officer pointed out that even after facing several challenges, the East Coast Railway worked day and night, facing the challenge of ensuring proper quality of linen.


Resumption of supply of bedroll/linen service in trains in Puri-Durg-Puri Express from March 21, 2022, East Coast Railway has improved Ahista-Ahista with linen service in 30 pairs of trains by the third week of April. Seven pairs of trains from Bhubaneswar, 10 pairs from Puri, four pairs from Sambalpur and 9 pairs from Visakhapatnam have now been added to the linen and bedroll service. The trains running from Bhubaneswar include Rajdhani Express, Hirakhand Express, Bhubaneswar-Junagadh Road Express, Bhubaneswar-Tirupati and Bhubaneswar-Pondicherry Express.

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