Big news about Google Calendar, your data may be stolen

Jun 12 2019 04:50 PM
Big news about Google Calendar, your data may be stolen

Many of the coins are considered to be Google's services worldwide. Users are confident that their data on Google is completely safe. However, it is no longer difficult to hack any service for hackers in this era of technology. This is what we are saying because now hackers have started stealing users ' data through Google Calendar. If you use the Google Calendar service in your smartphone, you need to be careful now. According to a report, this is a new way of scams in which hackers now get to know the user's password and the detail of the login.

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Any user can schedule a meeting with you by using Google Calendar. As you set up a meeting, your Gmail account comes with an e-mail notification. The hackers are carrying out hacking through the same e-mail. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has also asked users to be wary of such scams. In this scam, hackers send a calendar meeting invitation to users. An e-mail link is also present with the meeting request. Users are redirected to another website as you click this link. Where hackers steal users ' login information.

For your information, the hackers who do this scam according to Kaspersky try their best to bypass Gmail's spam filter. After the spam filter has been a bypass, e-mail sent by them directly reaches the user's inbox. As soon as this happens, the Google service gives the user a notification of e-mail that has been in the inbox. These emails in the Inbox are not able to detect Google's antispam modules themselves and make hackers work easier.

It is usually difficult to identify such scams, but it can be avoided to a great extent by being careful. The next time you receive an unknown Google Calendar invitation, you can delete it. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to click any of the links in that e-mail. Also, if you have registered for something, always use the new tab to go to that webpage. So that your data is protected.

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