Big news for smartphone users: soon many phones will become cheap
Big news for smartphone users: soon many phones will become cheap

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  has announced the General Budget for the financial year 2022-23 (FY 2022-23). In this budget, the Finance Minister has also announced a kind of relief to smartphone users. However, on the other hand, the burden of inflation is going to be on the mobile user. In such a situation, in the coming days, there is neither going to be profit nor loss for the mobile user. Know the full details of the budget announcement in simple terms -

Smartphones will be cheap: The finance minister is also going to give a discount on the import of smartphone parts. That means a reduction in the import duty of smartphone component, charger has been announced. It is also mandatory for such smartphone companies to pay less tax on sourcing the components used in the manufacture of smartphones from abroad. Not only this, there is a lot of demand for 5G smartphones in India. While the chipsets and other parts used in the manufacture of 5G smartphones have to be sourced from abroad. In such a situation, there is going to be a low cost in the manufacture of smartphones. Due to this, it is expected that the price of the smartphone can also be reduced in the coming days. The prices of wearable and durable devices in India with mobile phones may come down. At the same time, the value of smartphone accessories is also expected to be low.

Recharges will be costlier: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced in the Budget that the Central government will complete the process of 5G spectrum auction this year. In such a situation, the 5G network is also going to be rolled out during the middle of the year 2022 (April to September 2022). However, it is expected that 5G recharge will be very expensive in the initial years. In such a situation, users may have to pay more money for 5G recharge.

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