Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan becomes new captain

Oct 21 2017 10:03 AM
Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan becomes new captain

Bigg Boss's every morning starts with the unexpected things like on Friday's episode of Bigg Boss season 11, Hina Khan appeared as a new captain of the house, after the competition with Sapna Chaudhary. When Bigg Boss asked house contestants to name the participants for the captaincy, they took the name of Hina, Sapna and Benassi's names. But when big boss seeks only two names Benasfshas's name was kicked-off which irked her. While talking with Akash Dadlani, Benafsha said, “Tumlogo ko ab data chalega ye kaisi double-faced hai.”

Benafsha did not want Hina to be the captain as she hated her over-confidence. She was also seen being upset with Sapna because she always said that she did not want to stay in the house and now she was trying hard to be the next captain of the house.

When the captaincy task gets over, Sapna strapped out at Vikas for his involvement in the task. after that, the contestants nominated for evictions were asked to name one nominated contestant and explain why he or she must be evicted. While Akash and Luv Tyagi name each other, Hina names Sapna.

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