Bigg Boss 13: Paras' arbitrariness raises anger of family
Bigg Boss 13: Paras' arbitrariness raises anger of family

In the house of TV's most popular show Bigg Boss 13, the task was given to choose the new captain of the house. In this task, a train was set up in the garden area on which the members of the house had to climb. Vishal and Siddharth are already out of the claim of the next Captaincy. The operator of the task given for captivity was created by Paras, due to this, Siddharth was seen performing in the task instead. On the one hand, while the householders were seen trying to complete the task, on the other hand the housemates with Bhau were seen opposing the arbitrariness of the philosopher Paras.

For your information, let us tell you hat Paras and Arhaan, the operators of the task, are fiercely debated. On the other hand, Bigg Boss asks Paras which two members have exited the task. On this, Paras Shefali takes the names of Jariwala and Madhurima. Paras is bitter with Bhau, Vishal with Arhaan. Meanwhile, Arhan and Rashmi are at loggerheads.

The family members provoke Paras once again, accusing them of arbitrariness. About the task, Shefali picks up Mahira's bag and throws it out, on which Aarti says that Paras should do what he want to do but you play your game. The members of the house accuse Paras of making his rule. Till then, Rashmi starts sabotage in anger. On this Paras says if you break everything, Rashmi says that you can do cheating, then why are you telling me. On the other hand, Aarti's hand gets hurt and she screams with pain. Siddharth and Asim start arguing when Aarti gets hurt. The debate goes on and on. Asim calls Siddharth a cheap and fallen man. After this Siddhartha and Bhau are fiercely tu-tu me-me. Then Siddharth and Vishal argue. Householders divided into two teams accuse each other.

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