BB13: Salman gives final ultimatum to all contestants
BB13: Salman gives final ultimatum to all contestants

Every episode of the popular show 'Bigg Boss' has been very turbulent for TV audience, but in the last few days, there has been a huge influx of slippers, slaps, and abuses among people in the house that the hosts of the show Salman Khan was forced to give a strong ultimatum this time to all the contestants.

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Salman is fiercely involved in class every weekend, and also advises everyone to improve themselves every time. But it seems that the advice given by him or any guest who came to the house did not make any difference. Salman gave an ultimatum to everyone that if they did not improve, they may have to suffer heavy losses.

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In the promos released on social media, Salman shows the clippings of the fight between Vishal-Madhurima to Paras-Mahira and Siddharth-Shehnaz last week and tells them that entire India is watching the show. He tells Siddharth that the way he held Shehnaz down on the ground and held hands, people saw it incorrectly. He taunts Shehnaz, Mahira and Madhurima to slap Siddharth, Paras, and Vishal.

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