Afsana Khan tore Akasa's shirt during the task, and then...

The house of Bigg Boss 15, the country's biggest reality show, has now been enrolled by 4 jungle dwellers. After winning the task, Jay Bhanushali, Tejashwi Prakash, Vishal and Akasa have become part of the house. But the rest of the forest dwellers will still have to work hard to enter the house. The rest of the forest dwellers will have to complete the map if they have to go home. For which there is a lot of fighting every day. Afsana and Akasa also had a dispute in Friday's episode.

The Jungle dwellers are working hard to collect the blocks of the same map so that they too can go inside the house. Afsana unbuttoned Akasa's entire shirt as she collected the map blocks on Friday. After which Akasa cried and said to Shamita, "My entire shirt opened in front of the camera." When Akasa told Shamita this sorrow, Shamita got angry and approached Afsana. Afsana asked her to get out of her way. Shamita replied, "Let's get out." In response, Afsana called her a mischievous woman.

Then, Akasa wore a white jacket and came back to play the game again. Afsana did not stop here and even kicked Akasa. After which Akasa said that Afsana should not tear the clothes. Nishant also asked Afsana why she was kicking while Umar offered Akasa his T-shirt. Akasa went inside the house and cried to Shamita that Miesha was playing very dirty. She started crying that his shirt was open in front of the camera. Afsana defended herself and said that two buttons on your shirt are always open. Tejashwi was furious at Afsana's words and said she could open 5 buttons of his shirt. Who is this Afsana to tell him about this?

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