Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Aman expresses grief over Veena Nair's eviction
Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Aman expresses grief over Veena Nair's eviction

Renowned actress Veena Nair of Malayalam cinema recently got evicted from the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Her husband RJ Aman shared a post on Veena's social media account soon after the eviction. Right there. "Finally, my girl is evicted from the Bigg Boss house. I'm a little sad but happy. Because it's been 65 days since I talked to her. I'm waiting for her call and this craving is very special".

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Aman also thanked everyone who supported Veena. He thanked for the response on his BB tenure. Aman said, "I wish all the contestants who are still in the game. Veena will take over the page soon. Good buy, Veena's Kanten," Veena Nair was undoubtedly one of the popular contestants of the season. During the conversation after the eviction, actor Mohanlal said that he considers Bigg Boss' house as his family.

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Even though he was part of many fights and was emotionally shattered on a few occasions, Veena is considered one of the strongest contenders in the game. With this, Veena reacted after the eviction, saying, "I never thought there was so much anger in me. I am happy to leave the game because the atmosphere inside the house is changing and it will be difficult for me."

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