'Marry me, or else I will spoil the face..', mad lover poured acid on girl

Patna: In a one-sided love affair in Bhojpur in Bihar's Arrah district, a freakish lover threw acid on a 12th standard student while she was sleeping on the terrace. It is being told that the girl's uncle is going to get married. Tilak took place on 27 May. There was a program of Madwan on the 29th and a procession on the 31st. A large number of relatives have come to their house with her. On the second day of Tilak, on Saturday night, everyone was sleeping on the terrace after having food. Meanwhile, the accused climbed on the roof of her house with acid in a plastic box. But due to more people sleeping on the terrace, he was finding it difficult to recognize the girl.

So he removed the sheet from the faces of the people and identified them. He then poured acid on the student's body. In order to pour acid, her cousin, who was sleeping next to the victim, also got some splashes of acid on him. Both were badly injured. There was a hue and cry during the incident, so the accused fled. According to the student, the accused, Amarjeet Kumar, is a resident of Basantpur village under the Mofussil police station area. He has been living with his aunt in Ganghar village for about one and a half years. From that time on, he used to harass the victim. There was pressure on her to love and get married. He also asked her to walk here and there. If she resisted it, he even threatened to ruin it.  

The victim said that the accused would often tell her that you have pride of her beauty. If she didn't marry to him, he will spoil her face. Two days ago, he was forcing her to stop on the way and asked her to get married. He also abused her. The girl has demanded strict punishment for the accused. So that in the future, no one can put acid on any girl.   

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