Boy Drowns In Floodwater While Filming TikTok Video

Jul 27 2019 01:47 PM
Boy Drowns In Floodwater While Filming TikTok Video

Tik-Tok is a trend that everyone is willing to do anything to make a video. This has led to a number of crime cases. Recently, a video has surfaced which is shocking. According to the report, a young man jumped into the flood waters on Tuesday to make a video and died due to drowning. The video of the death also went viral and three days later the NDRF team recovered the body of the young man. According to information received in the case, local villagers say that "three friends Qasim, Afzal, and Sitare is resident of Adalpur."

They reached Lala Chaur in Kevati to see the floodwaters. All began to take pictures from mobile doing dangerous stunts in flood waters. "If these people weren't mindful, they started making videos of the most dangerous stunts for tick-talk," he said, "In order to perform the stunt, Afzal died after being submerged in flood waters."

It is also reported that a young man, Qasim, jumped into the water while performing a stunt but as he went into deep water, he started drowning and another friend Afzal jumped into the water to save him from drowning, but somehow Kasim escaped drowning. Gone and save Afzal drowned. It has also been reported that after seeing Afzal drown, the third friend star jumped into the water to stop making videos, but the people nearby who were watching these people jumped into the water to rescue him and the two young men survived. However, Afzal died in the incident.

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