Five children fled from home to play PUBG, caught by Delhi Police!

Jul 26 2019 08:00 PM
Five children fled from home to play PUBG, caught by Delhi Police!

PUBG mobile games are on the rise in India these days and that's why crime is on the rise. These days PUBis stealing in his own house to play so no one is killing anyone for refusing to play PUBG. The case now comes to light in Delhi where the police have apprehended five minor children who had fled their homes to play PUBG.

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Yes, according to a report, the five children apprehended by the Delhi Police are from Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. There are reports that the family members of these children had refused to play with the PUBgame, after which they disappeared from school. According to family members, all five children had gone to school on July 22 but did not return home from school. After the case came to light, the family waited for a long time and when they did not return, they all joined the police and complained.

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In his complaint, he said that he was forbidden from playing PUBand that the family searched for the children but there was no information. On the basis of information received in the case, the police recovered all the five children from Delhi and handed them over to the family members. The children reportedly admitted to the police that they had fled the house only after they refused to play the PUBgame.

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