Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Undergoes Medical Checkup Due to Severe Hand Pain
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Undergoes Medical Checkup Due to Severe Hand Pain

Patna: On Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar experienced a decline in his health due to severe pain in his hand, prompting a visit to Medanta Hospital in Patna for a medical examination. The issue began on Friday, with Kumar informing his ministers about the discomfort during a state cabinet meeting. Subsequently, he sought treatment in the Orthopedics Department at Medanta Hospital on Saturday morning.

Following the examination by a team of orthopedic specialists, Nitish Kumar returned to the Chief Minister's residence, where he resumed his duties. Official statements from the CM residence described the hospital visit as a routine checkup.

Nitish Kumar has been intensely involved in the Lok Sabha elections, with his party, the Janata Dal (United) (JDU), playing a significant role as a key member of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the formation of the central government. His schedule included multiple trips to Delhi and participation in the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the new cabinet on June 9.

After returning to Patna, Kumar conducted a cabinet meeting on Friday, addressing 25 critical issues, including unemployment allowance and housing allowance for government employees. Additionally, JDU is preparing for a National Executive meeting on June 29, reflecting ongoing political activities. Despite recent reports of his ill health during the election campaign, Kumar remained active and engaged.

When he experienced hand pain on Saturday, Nitish Kumar promptly sought medical attention, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining his health amid his busy schedule.

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