Bihar: DM lodged fir against wife and mother-in-law made many serious allegations

Patna: A shocking case has come to light from Shivhar district of north Bihar. The collector of Shivhar district has filed a criminal case against his wife and mother-in-law on Friday. Shivhar Collector Sajjan Rajasekhar has made seven serious allegations against his wife Sitara GSS and Mother-in-law Bharti Venkatesan including Rangadari and defamation.

According to reports, the FIR has been lodged with the city police station in the district. Rajasekhar has also filed a divorce petition in the district family court. Earlier in June, Sitara had filed a criminal case against the collector at Muzaffarpur's city police station alleging domestic violence and dowry. On the other hand, Rajasekhar has alleged that his wife and in-laws are creating mental pressure besides collecting Rangadari from him. He also termed the allegations of domestic violence and dowry against him as completely baseless.

Meanwhile, the star has said that she is not ready for divorce. We got married in Chennai on September 4, 2017, and have a daughter named Hira and a son named Divya, he said. The daughter is living with her (Rajasekhar) while my son is living with me. He did not give any money to support me and my son.

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