Being addicted to online games is so dangerous, two children attempted suicide

Patna: Two children attempted suicide in a fight over playing a mobile game in Gopalganj, Bihar. The case is of High Kagaon and Manjhagarh. Both children tried to suicide when their father reprimanded them for playing online games at both places. Both are currently said to be out of danger.

Sah, a lister from Arna Bazar in Highkagaon police station, scolded his 12-year-old son Chhangur when he saw him playing online games. After the scolding, Chhangur became so angry that he hanged himself. When the family saw him hanging from the snare, he was brought to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital in an unconscious state. After initial treatment in the emergency ward of Sadar hospital, the doctor found a serious condition and referred him to Gorakhpur. The second incident took place on the same day at the house of Milautan Chaudhary of Ramnagar village of Manjhagarh police station. He scolded his 14-year-old son Rajan Kumar when he saw him playing an online game.

This angered Rajan Kumar so much that he put a cloth around his neck and put a noose around his neck. The family saw him swinging from the snare and brought him to the emergency ward of Gopalganj Sadar Hospital in hurry. Where the doctor referred Gorakhpur after initial treatment. According to Dr. P.C. Sinha, who was on duty in the emergency ward of Gopalganj Sadar Hospital, both cases of snares around the neck came on Sunday, both of whom were referred. Dr. Said that both are currently out of danger.

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