Angered by daughter's affair, family members cut off lover's private part, then...

Patna: A shocking case has come to light from the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. In fact, the family members of the young woman who was angry with the love affair here did something that would make you lose consciousness after knowing it. In fact, the family thrashed the youth and even cut off his private part. Meanwhile, the youth was taken to a hospital in critical condition but died there. Enraged by the boy's death, the family members along with others in the village performed the last rites of the youth in front of the house of the accused.



Angry family members and villagers have blocked the road in the area demanding the arrest of the accused. Let us also tell you that only one arrest has been made in the case so far. The police officer says the girl's family members were angry about her love affair with the youth. According to the information coming to light, the case pertains to the Kanti police station area of the district. In the case, police officials said, "Saurabh Kumar, a resident of Rarepura Rampur Sah, was having an affair with a girl living in Sonvarsha. Manish Kumar, the father of the deceased Saurabh, told police that the accused had called his son in Sonvarsha on Friday evening and Saurabh was tied up and brutally beaten. Saurabh's private part was later cut off.

The accused reportedly took him to a private hospital when he fell unconscious and left after informing the family members. Saurabh died during treatment there. The family and villagers then rushed to Sonvarsha with the body and started cremating the body outside the house of the accused. Meanwhile, people protested and a large number of police forces were deployed in the area as the situation worsened. In this case, police officials say that the pyre was set on fire before we arrived. All the accused have fled from the house before burning the body.

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