Bihar election: Police arrested 5 liquor smuggler from UP-Bihar border

Oct 30 2020 04:46 PM
Bihar election: Police arrested 5 liquor smuggler from UP-Bihar border

Lucknow: During the search on the UP-Bihar border, the police have busted a big game of illegal liquor. The consignment of liquor was to be transported across the border by hiding it in a container of milk, but the police dumped the intentions of the liquor mafia. Police have recovered liquor worth Rs 12 lakh. Along with this, five liquor smugglers have also been arrested.

The election phase is going on in Bihar. The liquor mafia is fully active. Due to the ban, liquor is being supplied for election from other states. Police is alert on the border to stop the smuggling of alcohol, due to which a huge success was achieved today. Chandauli was being searched by police on the UP and Bihar border of Naubatpur. During this, the police stopped a container. It seemed from the view that this is a milk container, but when the police searched, a large amount of alcohol was found in the container. Liquor smugglers used a container of milk to dodge the police.

A car was also running in front of this container, in which three liquor smugglers were escorting the container. Police seized 135 cases of foreign liquor from this container, whose price is being told 12 lakh rupees. Police arrested five liquor smugglers in this case.

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