Lover couple tied and beaten when found in field, villagers came down on vandalism

Patna: A love couple was caught in an objectionable condition in Bihar's Samastipur district. After such incident, the society's contractor sat down declaring himself as the court and gave the verdict. First he secretly made a video of them and then put it on social media himself. Not only this, they tied the couple to a tree and beaten brutally. The minor girl cried in front of the contractors of the society and pleaded not to make abuse her in front of public on such a disrespectful way. But these people did not hesitate to punish both severely.

The entire case is of Anjana Panchayat in Kalyanpur police station area of Samastipur district. Where villagers spotted two love birds in objectionable condition in a corn field. After that they first made a video of them and then caught the two. After that, a large number of people gathered in the field. The villagers tied the love couple to a bamboo tree. After that they both started beating. A minor girl from Anjana Panchayat and a minor boy from Mirzapur village were reportedly having an affair for the past several months. Love between the two started when the minor boy used to go to the village to sell women's makeup items.

The two began to love each other immensely. But the lovebirds could not get married because they were minor and interracial. Meanwhile on Sunday the boyfriend arrived to meet the girl at a corn field in the village. Meanwhile, the youth of the village saw the love birds in an objectionable position. First made their video and then grabbed them. Both of them were taken over by the youth and tied to a bamboo tree. After that both of them  were beaten fiercely. After a long time the panchayat sat in the village. In which one side was adamant on getting the two married. So some people were in support of imposing economic penalties. In the end, it was considered not to get married because the girl belonged to another caste. The boyfriend was released after imposing monetary penalties on the boy's family. However, the matter was settled at the panchayat level instead of going to the police.

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