Thieves steal 60 feet long bridge weighing 20 tons, people remember Special 26 movie

Till today, you all must have heard and read about many theft incidents but hearing the incident we are going to tell you about today will make you laugh and also angry. In fact, in this case, the iron bridge, which is 60 feet long and weighed 20 tons, was stolen day in and day out. Your mind must have been damaged by hearing, but it is true and the most surprising thing here is that the thieves carried out this amazing theft incident day in and day out. Now what he is hearing about this is not able to stop his laughter.

The case is being reported from Amiyawar under the Nasriganj police station area of Rohtas district. On the pretext of being an officer of the irrigation department here, the thieves also took the help of local departmental personnel and stole the entire bridge in their presence. Yes, and during this theft, they were also in possession of some other vehicles including JCBs, gas cutters and trucks. Not only this, these thieves cut the iron bridge with the help of a gas cutter in 3 days and loaded the entire bridge in the vehicle with the help of JCB and fled. Now the one who is hearing about this incident is giving his reaction.

One user says- "There is more than one thief in the world. At the same time, another user says - 'This is India, anything can happen here'. Not only this, but some people remembered Special 26 because this theft was done in the same fashion. In such a situation, many people say that seeing this incident, Special 26 was remembered.

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