'Bikini killer' released from jail after two decades
'Bikini killer' released from jail after two decades

'Bikini killer' Charles Sobhraj has come out of jail after almost two decades. It is reported that Sobhraj was released from jail in Nepal on Friday. Nepal's Supreme Court on Wednesday issued an order to release the killer. The court reduced Sobhraj's sentence from 20 years to 19 years.

78-year-old Sobhraj is a Citizen of France. He committed several murders in the 1970s and 1980s, police said. Sobhraj is accused of killing more than 20 people across Asia. It is being told that he had carried out these incidents with the intention of robbery. The criminal used to complete his plans by mixing drugs in the food and drink of the victims.

It is being told that Sobhraj could have come out of jail earlier on Thursday, but due to the time taken in the process, he got released on Friday. According to media reports, the French Foreign Ministry had said that its embassy was monitoring the situation. Sobhraj was arrested in 1976. In 1986, he spent 21 years in jail in India. At that time he had fled but was arrested again from Goa. After his release in 1997, Sobhraj stayed in Paris but moved to Nepal in 2003.

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