Indian pharma industry can produce Covid-19 vaccines for entire world: Bill Gates

Jul 16 2020 04:53 PM
Indian pharma industry can produce Covid-19 vaccines for entire world: Bill Gates

Washington: Bill Gates, the world's second-richest and co-founder of Microsoft, believes that India is so powerful in the pharmaceutical industry that it can make the Corona vaccine. He said that Indian pharmaceutical companies can produce Corona vaccine not only for their country but for the whole world. Gates said that Indian forma companies have done many important things. He said that the companies here are helping a lot in preparing the Corona vaccine.

Let us tell you that Bill Gates was speaking in a documentary program. In 'Covid-19: India War Against the Virus' which is to be aired on Discovery Plus on Thursday, he said that India's biggest challenge is the huge population here, which is also due to health crisis. Regarding the capabilities of India's pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates said, 'India has a lot of potential. The pharmaceutical and vaccine companies here are huge suppliers to the whole world. You know, most vaccines are made in India.

Bill Gates said that Bio E, Bharat Biotech, and many other companies are helping to make the Coronavirus vaccine. He said, 'I am excited that the pharmaceutical industry there will be able to produce vaccines not only for India but for the whole world. We need to reduce the death toll, and ensure that we have the immunity to end the disease. '

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