Bill Gates visits Mumbai RBI office, holds discussions with Guv Shaktikanta Das
Bill Gates visits Mumbai RBI office, holds discussions with Guv Shaktikanta Das

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das met in Mumbai on 28 February. An official statement by Reserve bank of India  informed that Bill Gates held 'a wide-ranging; discussion with Shaktikanta  Das on Tuesday.

Bill Gates recently stated in his blog "Gates Notes" that India provides hope for the future and shown that the nation could handle the major issues at once even while the world was experiencing numerous crises. The co-founder of Microsoft is reportedly touring India to look for further commercial potential.

India's resource base is constrained, much like that of any other nation on earth. Yet, it has demonstrated how the world may still advance in spite of that restriction "The co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tweeted on February 27.

Bill Gates said, "India as a whole offers me optimism for the future," in his blog. The majority of problems there cannot be solved without fixing them at scale because it is on track to overtake China as the most populated nation in the world. Nevertheless India has shown it is capable of overcoming significant obstacles. The nation reduced the spread of HIV, eradicated polio, reduced poverty, slashed infant mortality, and improved access to financial and sanitation services ".

As one example, Gates mentioned the work being done by Breakthrough Energy Fellow Vidyut Mohan and his team to convert garbage into biofuels and fertilisers in isolated agricultural villages. This effort will enable the globe to reduce the effects of climate change.

"Others are developing fresh strategies to assist people in adjusting to a warmer environment, such as IARI's initiatives to increase the number of drought-tolerant crops. I'm eager to follow the development made thus far by the outstanding partners of the Gates Foundation and Breakthrough Energy " Bill Gates said.

In Meanwhile, when discussing its sponsorship for the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Pusa, Gates stated, "For the purpose of assisting the research being done at IARI, the Gates Foundation collaborated with the Indian public sector and CGIAR institutions. They discovered a brand-new remedy in chickpea cultivars with over 10% higher yields and more drought resistance. Farmers now have access to one kind, and the institute is actively working on developing more. India is therefore better equipped to continue feeding its citizens and helping its farmers even in a warming globe. It's not a stretch to suggest that a field in Pusa is currently home to the agricultural future of India."

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