Billions poured in; Such a surprise in Tirupati

The post-Corona environment at the Ezhumalayan Temple in Tirupati Thirumalai, Andhra Pradesh is gradually returning to normal. The number of daily devotees last July was 17 thousand. In turn, Tirupati Undiyal also got good collections. Since the beginning of the current August, the number of daily devotees has approached 20,000. And yesterday (August 7) ‚Äč‚Äčalone, 21,394 people performed Sami darshan. Of those, 11,082 were bald.

Devotees have also started flocking to Tirumala as curfew has been relaxed in various states. In this situation, information has come out about the amount collected in the Tirupati bill last July. Speaking at the 'Dial Your TTD EO' event held yesterday, Devasthanam Executive Officer KS Jawahar Reddy, 55.58 crore in July 2021 alone. A total of 5.32 lakh devotees have visited the Seven Hills. 3.97 crore through e-bill. 25.26 lakh lats have been purchased and taken away as offerings. 7.13 lakh devotees in Thirumalai have been given free food offerings. A total of 2.55 lakh devotees have shaved their heads to fulfill their prayers.

Currently the bill collection is continuously increasing. He said he receives an average of Rs 2 crore a day as a gift. Continuing, Agarpathis are made from garlands that are worn and purified by the Swamis in the temples operating under the temple including Tirupati. These will be sold on the 15th in Thirumalai. The temple is promoting natural agriculture which is done with fertilizers made from green manure. Ezhumalayan Neyvediyam is made from grains like paddy produced in it. To encourage this, Devasthanam has decided to make a contract with the farmers and make purchases, he said. He added that international tickets would only be issued if the corona infection was reduced across the country.

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