These 5 foods containing biotines will not require expensive hair treatment

Hair loss has become a common problem in today's times. This makes the hair look thin, weak and lifeless. However, these are the result of our wrong eating, and sometimes side effects of a disease or medicine can also cause hair loss. Hair loss is sometimes caused by biotin deficiency. In fact, biotin is a vitamin which is considered very useful for hair growth, preventing hair loss and increasing skin glow and nail health. For this, girls, women resort to expensive keratins or any other hair treatment, although including some biotin-rich items in the diet can eliminate the problem. Today, we are going to tell you about that.

Bajra- Bajra is rich in biotin. It provides all the nutrients while removing the deficiency of biotin in your body. It warms up, thereby protecting your body from the effects of cold.

Sweet potato- Sweet potato is also considered to be a super source of biotin. It is said that consuming sweet potatoes every day removes the deficiency of biotin in the body. Iron deficiency in the body is met and the heart remains healthy and the digestive system is strong.

Mushrooms- Mushrooms used as toppings on pizzas or noodles also contain a good amount of biotin. In fact, mushrooms are also rich in vitamin D, protein, fibre and antioxidants.

Spinach- Consumption of spinach rich in iron, vitamins, minerals, fibre and chlorophyll can also help in reducing biotin deficiency in your body. It can also be beneficial for your health in many ways.

Banana- It is said that if a person eats a banana every day, many problems in his body can be removed. In fact, bananas are rich in carbs, fibre, vitamin B, copper, potassium and biotin. Consuming bananas daily benefit the hair.

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