Bipasha Banikya: Accessories play a pivotal role in styling an outfit

In the hurry-skurry to pick the most classic outfit, we either keep the accessories for the latter part or give them attention as near to zero. But only the true fashionista will comprehend the actual primacy of jewellery and its vitality in the overall wardrobe.

Sharing parallel opinions is one exceptional fashion follower and guider Bipasha Banikya. Coming from the content creation background, Bipasha's post proffer hacks and ideas related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She is very notable for her fashionableness and her stunning style.  

Giving utterance to her perspective regarding the field of fashion and glamour, Bipasha highlights the prestige of wearing appropriate accessories. She firmly feels that without jewellery the  outfit isn’t complete and like clothing reflects our moods, accessories reflects our elegance. 

Bipasha’s Instagram posts are quintessential of the belief that she enunciates. There have been several times when her look has taken over netizen hearts. From her varied choices of jewellery, her sleek sliver heart-shaped armband is standard. 

Just like we wear outfits according to the occasion, Bipasha focuses on matching the accessories too according to the event. For instance, she pairs her traditional dresses with heavy statement pieces of jewellery, whereas with a western outfit she minimizes them keeping it simple and elegant. 

Bipasha Banikya's fashionableness is unparalleled. She follows her preaching in her fashion transition reels and posts. The influencer has experience working with more than a hundred multinational brands. For more of her styles and ideas follow @bipasha_banikya18.

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