Bipasha Basu opens up on difficulty in conceiving, God has been kind, we….

Bipasha Basu recently surprise her fans with Pregnancy Photos and Heartfelt notes sharing about her Pregnancy. In the first interview speaking about her Pregnancy and the difficulty in conceiving the actress said, “The plan was definitely to focus on that in life. I was actually not taking up any kind of work, because I wanted to have a baby, then start working immediately again. It took me a little time. In 2020, we completely dropped the idea because we didn’t know where the world was going, so for one year, we took a break from trying. In 2021 we decided to try again, and God has been kind, we conceived.”

Speaking about how it is a great movement for her and her family she further added, “It was a very emotional day. I remember me and Karan ran to my mother’s house just the way we were, she was the first person I wanted to tell. Everyone was emotional. It was my mother’s dream that I and Karan have a baby. I always had faith we will, and it happened. I am more than grateful for this.”

The actress also speaks about the changes she went through during Pregnancy and added, “When you find a partner late in life and settle down late, as a person you are extremely mature and responsible and know when exactly you will be responsible enough to give birth to another life. It was a proper decision between us. We decided to not have one until we are able enough. This is another stage I am going through in my life. A woman’s body changes at this point. When I thought about pregnancy, I never really thought my body is going to change so much. Ever since I started this journey, there have been a lot of changes, and I am absolutely comfortable with everything.”

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