Navratri: Know how mother Durga originated
Navratri: Know how mother Durga originated

Navratri, which comes every year, has started from today. Today is the first day of Navratri on 17th October. On this day, Goddess Shailputri is worshipped. At the beginning of Navratri today, we are going to tell you the story of Maa Durga. Let us know how their genesis took place.

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Disturbed by the atrocities of the legend-devils, when the gods heard from Brahmaji that the Divine Kingdom had received that he would die from the hand of a virgin girl, all the deities revealed these forms of the goddess with their combined fast. After that, the various gods came out of the body and became different parts of the goddess. It is said that the goddess's face was revealed by the fast of Lord Shankar, From Yamraj, she got the hair on the head, the sharp arms of Vishnu, the sharp arms of the Chandra, the sharp waist of Indra, the sharp thigh of Varuna, the sharp buttocks of the Prithvi, the sharp feet from Brahma, the sharp toes from the sun, all the teeth from the fast of Prajapati, both eyes from the fast of the fire, the fast eyebrows of the evening, the sharp ears of the air and the sharpness of the other gods have become different parts of the goddess.

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Then Shivji gave her Trishul to that superpower, Laxmi Ji gave her a lotus flower, Vishnu had a Chakra, the fire was a quiver filled with power and the bonds, Prajapati had a garland of rhinestone beads, Varun a divine conch, Hanumanji, mace, Sheshnagji, the Naagin, Indra, Vajra, Lord Rama, the bow, Varun Dev, the loop and the arrow, Brahmaji, the four Vedas and the Himalayan mountains, gave them a Leo for the ride. In the end, the sea presented a very bright necklace, a never-bursting divine garment, a chudamani, two coils, hand bracelets, foot Noorpur and thumb. All of them were held by the goddess in their eighteen arms. The goddess was named Durga and was called Adi Shakti.

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