Navratri: Statue of migrant woman labour to be worshipped at this venue

Oct 16 2020 02:58 PM
Navratri: Statue of migrant woman labour to be worshipped at this venue

The corona period is currently trouble for all. At present, no festivals are being celebrated and no major functions are being organised during this period. Migrant labours suffered the most during the corona period. In fact, the migrant labourers had to go to their homes of several kilometres on foot. In the meantime, many labourers died of hunger.

Not only that, but there were some people who lost their lives before they reached their home. In the meantime, many mothers raised their children on their shoulders and reached homes. Now, remembering all of them, statues have been created at a Durga Puja venue in Kolkata. Many videos of mothers walking in the scorching sun went viral. There were many mothers who had a child in their lap. Now, reflecting that, a statue has been created in Kolkata. The child is not wearing clothes and the mother is going to the house with kids.

The venue in which this statue has been created has worked on the 'Relief' theme. People are very keen to see the statue of this venue. The idols made here are being said to be worshipped. Navratri is starting on 17th October, but before that, the picture is becoming increasingly viral.

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