Birthday Special: After leaving stardom Vinod Khanna had to clean up the toilet
Birthday Special: After leaving stardom Vinod Khanna had to clean up the toilet

During 70-80s, Amitabh Bachchan was at the height of his career. At that time, his stardom was considered to be the only actor who was beaten by a single actor, Vinod Khanna. Vinod Khanna was born on 6 October 1946 in Peshawar, Pakistan. Vinod , who was associated with the common family, suddenly left his film career after becoming a superstar. On the occasion of his birthday, know certain things related to him.

After partition, Vinod Khanna's family moved to Mumbai. In school days, Khanna wanted to become an engineer, but his mind did not settled in studies. From college he started working in the theater. There he met with Gitanjali. Gitanjali was the first wife of Vinod.

Vinod Khanna's first movie was 'Man ki Mit'. The hero in the film was Sunil Dutt and Villain Vinod Khanna. After the first film went well, then Vinod Khanna signed 15 films one after another. After success in films, he got married to Gitanjali. Both of them had two children - Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna.

Vinod Khanna was living a happy life. After Shashi Kapoor, he was the second actor who did not work on Sunday, but in the meantime he had an emptiness in his life. Vinod Khanna decides to leave his wealth, fame and luxurious house and retire. In an interview, he had told that even though he had wealth and fame but seems to be lacking. That is why he decided to retire and went to the ashram of spiritual guru Osho in America.

In the ashram of Osho, Vinod Khanna has lived a life with very simplicity. Here he stayed for 5 years. He worked as a gardener in the ashram and cleaned toilet also. After retirement from the films, he started to be called 'sexy monk'. Vinod Khanna's family got broken because of being a sannyasi. When he returned to India, the wife divorced him. After the family got separated, Vinod Khanna again tried the hand in Bollywood and the movie 'Insaf'. Vinod Khanna married Kavita in the year 1990. Both have a son and daughter.

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